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Teaching is a noble profession.
At Testbook, it’s also an incredibly rewarding one!
1.2+ Crore
Registered Students
50+ Lakh
New Visitors / month
126+ Lakh
Daily Video Views
2+ Lakh
Daily Tests Attempts
Teaching at Testbook
Do what you do best. We’ll take care of the rest.
Make greater impact
With 1.2 Cr. users signed up on India’s #1 online test series platform, Testbook gives you the reach to a vast & relevant student base.
Belong & grow
We believe in growing fast & growing together. Precisely why, Testbook has a phenomenal faculty retention rate.
Work remotely
“Work from home” may be the new-normal for the world. For our Partner Faculty, it’s always been the norm.
Teach with Ease
You have a great responsibility. So we empower you with great technology.
Go Live with a single click
Go Live with a single click

Use Testbook's easy-to-use Teaching Tool to conduct all your live classes. No need to to install any additional software. Just click and go live!

Conduct interactive live classes

The liveliness of a real classroom also comes with truly amusing features. Get MCQs answers from students in the form of Live Polling. And solve their queries instantly, by interacting with them through Live Chat.

Conduct interactive live classes
Manage your schedule
Manage your schedule

Plan your day, week & month as per your commitments. Get a personal dashboard to view and manage your schedule. Enjoy the benefit of organized information personalized for you.

Leverage social media

Tutor students through our Youtube Channel. You may also connect with them through our other Social Media Platforms.

Leverage social media
Additional Support
Because, enablers also need a helping hand sometimes.
Telesales Support

An enthusiastic & experienced team of Telecallers will always be there to guide your students.

DTP Support

Entrust your Presentation & editing work to our talented team.

A Massive Content Repository

An enormous bank of notes & questions is always at your disposal.

Content & Course Planning Support

Enjoy healthy assistance from our experienced team of Subject Matter Experts and Course Managers.

Frequently Asked Questions
What equipment do I need to have to join as a Partner-faculty at Testbook?
Testbook’s online learning is all about a flawless experience. Therefore, we have laid down a list of equipment and the minimum specifications for the same. a. Laptop - Minimum i5, 8 GB RAM
b. Digital Writing Pad - Wacom is recommended
c. Wifi Internet - Minimum 10 MBPS
d. 1 Backup Internet Connection - minimum 10 MBPS
e. 1 Backup Power
Do I have to relocate to Mumbai or can I work from home?
No, you don't have to relocate to Mumbai. You may conduct classes remotely from any location using the equipment as per the guidelines shared in Question 1.
How will I be paid and at what frequency?
You will be paid on an hourly basis, and your payment will be done on or before the 15th day of every following month.
Can I teach on other platforms/coaching classes/institutions, alongside?
Yes. You can teach in other institutions alongside, too.
What is the minimum number of years’ experience one should have to apply at Testbook?
For most exams, a minimum of 2+ years’ experience is required. For a few higher level exams, 4+ years’ experience is expected. Having online teaching experience is a great advantage.
How much work can I expect in a month?
We provide ample work, so as to sustain our Partner-faculty for a longer period of time.
Are Saturdays & Sundays working?
Not necessarily. We schedule classes as per your availability, so if you don’t want to work on the weekends, your classes won’t be scheduled on those days.
What if I am not able to take a class due to some emergency?
At Testbook you have the benefit of 2 unplanned reschedules every month for such cases.
Will Testbook hold the ownership rights over the content I will be creating?
Yes, Testbook will hold the copyright and ownership rights of the content created by you for it.
Do I have to sell your products and services?
No, you will only be responsible for taking Live Classes on Testbook’s Platform (App & Website) and Testbook’s social media channels like Youtube. Of course, we will really appreciate it if you could spread the word about your upcoming batches within your circle.
What will be my payment/compensation for teaching on Testbook’s platform?
We pay our faculties on a ‘per-hour’ basis. In addition, you will receive a coupon code from our end. On successful usage of the coupon code by any student, a percentage of net revenue earned from that particular student will be paid to you.
Testbook is here to create an impact. We want to reach out to the remotest pockets of the country, facilitate high standards of education to all, and make fulfilling dreams affordable. They say, “To teach, is to touch a life forever.” So come, join us. Help us create a better future for the little budding minds, keen to learn. Let’s create an impact - together.
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